Pre & Post-Spray Tan Care

Get the best out of your tan

Not suitable for people with respiratory problems or within the first trimester of pregnancy.

Consultation Form

You have to complete this consultation form before your tan.

Pre-Spray Tan Care

This is to ensure that you get the best result from your spray tan.

  • Shower & exfoliate your body the day before

  • Do not exfoliate on the day of your tan

  • Avoid heavy moisturising shower gel

  • Do not apply moisturiser, deodorant, oil based products or perfume

  • Wax / shave 24 hours before tan session

  • Wear loose dark clothing & open shoes e.g flipflops

  • Avoid silks, wool & leather garments as the tan will not wash off these materials

  • Patch test if required

On the Day
  • Your therapist will complete a consultation card with you to ensure you receive the colour best suited to you

  • The tan is done in a pop-up tent, ensuring no mess and no fuss. Be warned it may be cold!

  • Remove all jewellery

  • Secure your hair up, and ensure it's dry. Wet hair can drip onto your tan and leave streaks

  • Avoid white or your best underwear as this will become marked. The tan does not wash out of elastic / lace. Your therapist can provide disposable panties if you prefer

  • Your therapist will apply barrier cream to your hands, feet & other dry areas

  • Once the tan is complete, the therapist will air dry you to get the development process started

  • Your session will last around 15-25 minutes

  • Do not touch the skin whilst developing to avoid tanned fingers!

  • Avoid water on the skin whilst tan is developing

  • Avoid exercise or perspiration during development

Post-Spray Tan Care
  • Remember having a spray tan does not protect you from the sun, so remember to always wear a SPF15 or more

  • Wear loose dark clothing (or if at home nothing at all) for at least 4 hours after the tan

  • Avoid wearing a bra as the straps will cause rubbing and mark the tan

  • Do not apply any moisturisers, make up, perfume or deodorants until you have showered to remove the guide colour

  • Shower between 6-8 hours after treatment and pat dry – Do not rub!

  • If you are sleeping in your tan we advise not to sleep on white sheets or alternatively protect yourself with a separate dark duvet or towel

  • Use soaps or shower gels with a PH Balance of 5.5% or lower to prevent fading the tan

  • Don't use hair removal creams as they promote exfoliation

  • If you exfoliate often this will shorten the life of your tan

  • Avoid saunas, steam rooms and chlorinated pools – Your tan will fade much quicker

  • Avoid sitting on leather or light coloured furniture before you shower off the guide colour, cover them with a towel first

  • After 3-5 days you may see the tan fade. Now you can gently exfoliate to remove the dead skin cells and promote a healthy glow

  • My tan was amazing and faded evenly during my holiday. Really professional and friendly service. I've had two tans from BronzeMe and i would never go anywhere else!
    Stella - Wixams
  • Absolutely gorgeous tan! Thank you so much! My skin looked and felt lovely and healthy.
    Sarah - Wixams
  • Even though I have been in a pool and I had it done over a week ago, it is still on really well and smells fruity, doesn’t go patchy either. highly recommend.
    Chloe - Kempston
  • Had a lovely spray tan last week. Would recommend the palest colour if you just want a nice glow. Faded gradually with no horrible patches. Highly recommend!
    Jackie - Kempston



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